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Fox Fodder

Tired of paying for coffee with WashU’s fake money? Try this instead!
Follow the instructions below to print your own currency, used at all Sam Fox establishments

Download Instructions
1. Download .pdf here on your computer
2. Print the first 2 pages double-sided, flip on short end
3. Feed the print back into the printer via the bypass tray and print pages 3-4, selecting for bypass tray in print settings
4. Repeat step 3, until every page is printed, layered on top of the one sheet of paper
5. Cut along black boundary
6. Congrats! You’ve made (8) 1/2 Fox Given = 4 Fox Given = $4
7. Exchange at Etta’s or GAC Happy Hours

Finished bill will look similar to this:

printing this image will not be accepted as tender

The website is the outcome of a landscape architecture seminar project under direction of Rod Barnett. Created by Rory Thibault

LAND 483A: Emergence in Landscape Architecture
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