Assemblage of Field Experiments

“Temporal Tree Transcriptions”

AIA St. Louis Distinguished Drawing Award

The photograph is not so much a capture of an instant but a drawing through time - a series of events stitched together.
The technê, or craft of the production of the photograph, is not of a singular moment frozen in time but rather consists of a multiplicity – a layering of time stitched together through a drawn path. It is precisely 561 moments along a defined trajectory, the whole greater than the sum of its parts. The photograph is heterogeneous, imbricated in space-time and matter-energy - the captures taken remotely, known by their physical geographic coordinates and digitally translated into Cartesian space, stitched together through a photogrammetric program creating the composition. The irregularity of the edges, a vestige of an incomplete translation – an unknown space identified by the program. The orthographic transcription eliminates all perspective, a plan view physically realized.

The drawing was made over the course of a day in early Spring over Tower Grove Park
in South City. An overcast day with a cloud ceiling over 1000’ created the ‘softbox’-like
diffused lighting of the scene. The series of 561 photographs were taken at 250’ along a
path drawn in Drone Deploy and digitally stitched together in Skycatch software.


Hosted by: Granite City Art and Design District
Curated by: Gavin Kroeber
During: Art + Landscape STL 19.0316-0406
Personal role: Invited Artist

“the earth is blue like an orange
(landscape performances welcoming the future now Chouteau Greenway)”

Hosted by: Pulitzer Arts Foundation
Curated by: Gavin Kroeber
During: Dwell in Other Futures 18.0428

Video Produced, Directed, Choreographed by:
Eric Ellingsen and Species of Space
Personal role: Editor in chief, “field ranger”