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Aberrance Trailer
based on Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day”

Aberrance (n.)
Etymology: latin, aberrans (wandering, straying, deviating)
1.     Deviating or diverging from standard (OED)
2.     The failure of rays to converge at one focus (Google, optics)
3.     The apparent displacement of a celestial object from its true position (Google, astronomy)
4.     Unsoundness of the mind (Merriam-Webster)
5.     Deviating from morality or truth (Shorter OED, Leslie Brown)
- Aberrant movements: The Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze
            - going astray from typical modes of thinking logic, metaphysics, and ethics
            - irrational logic of aberrant movements
- Aberrant monism: Spinozism + Life in the Chaosmos
            - monastic ontology
            - ontology of networks
6.    The becoming of terrains unsound
      - The process of terrains becoming unsound

We came from the hot and fiery, a volcanic eruption. There are only steam and clouds. A long duration. As we cool down, a part descends. Rain. Tumultuous and never-ceasing, forming the oceans below. This is The Greater Flood. These parts of we do not stay distinct, or else nothing is created. The Swerve. We hit another, a sound. Sounds upon sounds make a clash, a drumming so vigorous it puts Miles Teller to shame. Tons and tons, avalanches of sound. We bleach the jungle below, washing the color away, crushing new growth following a periodic ritardando. The heat again. This time it’s different, more severe. From above rather than within. To severe to remain. So severe, a sunbreak. A part apart departs. An aberrance. Unsound. A failure of convergence. Silence. Piercing light from above shines on the jungle below. Figures stir, the terrain wakens. Briefly, then the devil beats his wife and we arrive again. Midnight.